4-H 4 More

4-H 4 More Campaign

We believe all youth can find their spark in 4-H; they just have to be introduced to it first. The 4-H 4 More marketing campaign is designed to increase Texas 4-H membership. Join us in creating a 4-H opportunity for more youth by inviting four more youth into the program. We’re challenging each 4-H member to invite four friends to join 4-H. Agents, volunteers, and parents can invite new members in, too! 

For returning 4-H members who invite new members in, we’ve set up an incentive program. Incentives for participation include:

·         1 new member: 4-H 4 More t-shirt

·         2 new members: Membership refund

·         3 new members: Leather portfolio

·         4 new members: Backpack and state recognition

·         All participants are encouraged to list participation on Texas 4-H scholarship applications and record books. 

How is this tracked? When a new member registers on 4HOnline, they will have the availability to input who referred them 4-H. Those “referred by” names are the names I will pull in twice a year, in December and July, to send incentives. Incentives are sent to the county office, with an email coming to the county offices of recipients beforehand to let you know they will be receiving a package and the contents of that package. 

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