4-H County & District Contest

Below is where you will find information for both county and district contest. Please contact the County Extension Office if you have any questions.

County Contest

County Consumer Decision Making


2020 Categories  | Other Resources

County Photography Contest

Photos Due: March 16th

Resources:  Category Description | State Rules (Seniors Only)  | District Letter

How to Upload

1. Save your file as either a PNG or JPEG and name your file lastname_firstname_cateogry
Example: Meyer_Hayley_AnimalsDomestic
2. Follow the google link (newsletter or social media post) , and select your age divisions folder.
Juniors – 3rd – 8th grade
Seniors – 9th – 12th grade
3. Once you have opened your age division folder, you will see folders for each category.
4. Drag and Drop(from your desktop) or save your photo in the correct folder.

Upload Photos Here


District 7 4-H Contest

Consumer Decision Making

Consumer Decision Making | 2020 CDM Schedule Map

Entry Fee: $12.00 per individual
Date of Contest: Friday, February 14th

Other Contest

Horse Judging

Leaders 4 Life


Duds to Dazzle

Meats Judging


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