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   Tom Green Co. AgriLife Extension Office

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Tom Green County Courthouse



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Tom Green County is located at the entrance to West Texas. The county seat, San Angelo, is a city of 88,439 with a county population of 104,010 and wide diversity of trade, services and topography. The city of San Angelo is the hub of a 13 county area and is supported by agriculture, manufacturing, education, business and health services, military, tourism, and retirement.

AgriLife Extension, with four agents, strives to serve a population whose main income is earned through a wide variety of careers. Major points of interest in the county include the lakes of Nasworthy, O.C. Fisher, and Twin Buttes, the historical Fort Concho, San Angelo State Park, Angelo State University, Goodfellow Air Force Base, and historic downtown San Angelo.

The communities of Water Valley, Carlsbad, Grape Creek, Veribest, Wall and Christoval as well as historic Knickerbocker, Tankersley, and Vancourt contribute a rich cultural background to the county. Six school districts provide education for the youth. In addition, Angelo State University and Howard College provide higher education classes.

Mission: To provide quality, up-to-date and relevant outreach and continuing education programs and services to the people of Tom Green County regardless of the socio-economic level, race, color, sex, religious, disability or national origin.

Extension brings the resources of the Texas A&M University System to Tom Green County. Through field based faculty, Extension provides unbiased, research-based information, educational programs, and technical assistance in the following areas: agriculture, community and economic development, environmental stewardship, horticulture, individual & family capacity, nutrition, diet and health, and youth development.