Photography Contest

2022 TGC Photography Contest

Below is where you will find information for uploading your photos for the 2022 Tom Green 4- H Photography Contest.

Clover kids: You can ONLY compete at county

Juniors & Intermediates, in order to compete at the district level, you MUST compete at county.

SENIORS: in order to compete at state you MUST compete at county.

Age Divisions: Clover Kids (Kinder – 2nd), Juniors & Intermediates (3rd – 8th), Seniors (9th – 12th) 

Photos MUST be uploaded through the below links by March 11th.  If you have any problems with uploading, please contact the Extension Office.



2022 Categories | Category Example Videos



Clover Kids Division  | Junior/Intermediate DivisionSenior Division



All uploads will take place through Google Forms.

  1. Save your file as either a PNG or JPEG and name your file lastname_firstname_category
    • Example: Meyer_Hayley_AnimalsDomestic
  2. Follow the google link (newsletter or social media post), and select your age divisions form.
  3. Once you have opened your age division form, you will answer section #1 with your information (name, email, age division).
  4. Then proceed to section #2 where you will upload all your photos by their category.
  5. Once you submit your form, you will receive a confirmation email of what you uploaded.
  6. Submit photos by March 11th.

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