Texas 4-H Congress

Texas 4-H Congress

Texas 4-H Congress is a four-day mock legislative experience for 4-H members in grades 9th to 12th (at the time of the event).  During this time, 4-H members assume the roles of legislators, lobbyists, and press corps to gain a first-hand understanding of how the legislative process works.  Bills that are written and sponsored by 4-H members focus on issues concerning Texas and Texas youth.  These bills are assigned to the appropriate committee, debated in committee meetings, and then on the floor of the House or Senate.  If a bill is successful in negotiation and the legislative debate in all three stages, it is delivered to the Governor of Texas 4-H Congress for his or her signature or veto.

For Additional Information visit the Texas 4-H Website here.

Event Date & Location

July 14-17 | Austin, Texas

Timeline & Deadlines

February 1, 2024 Bill submission opens
February 15, 2024 Lobbyist & Press Corps application opens on 4HOnline
March 14, 2024 Lobbyist & Press Corps application closes
April 1, 2024 Early Bird Registration opens on 4HOnline
May 1, 2024 Registration continues on 4HOnline at an increased fee
May 30, 2024 Bill submission closes
May 30, 2024 Registration closes on 4HOnline
July 12, 2024 Texas 4-H Congress Leadership Team arrives
July 14, 2024 Congress Delegates and Chaperones arrive
July 17, 2024 All Participants depart


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